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Malaysia's Smoke Haze, 8th September 2005.

Annual land clearing on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, west of Peninsular Malaysia, results in both countries becoming blanketed in smoke for weeks at a time. This year, the fires on Sumatra were more numerous than usual. HERG team members have responded to the event and will study not only this years severe smoke haze using satellite imagery but utilize their experience in satellite telemetry to study any aberrant movements of the Malayan flying fox.  Map: S. Veloz.


Northern Territory Disease Surveillance Operation, 11th April 2005.

Flora River Nature ParkIn April 2005, HERG team members, Dr Raina Plowright, University of California, Anja Divljan, University of Sydney and Craig Smith, Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, conducted a disease surveillance operation in the Northern Territory, Australia. The operation is part of a longitudinal study of Hendra virus in little red flying foxes in the Katherine Region. Photo: R. Plowright.

Watch videos from the operation including fly-out over Flora River, when flying foxes leave their colony after sunset to begin their nightly foraging. Video: C. Smith.


South Trees Inlet Disease Surveillance Operation, 13th September 2004.

Graduate students Amanda Mclaughlin, Samuel Veloz and Elizabeth ChamberlinIn August 2004, HERG team members, Elizabeth Chamberlin and Samuel Veloz, University of California, Amanda McLaughlin, Tufts University, and Craig Smith, Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, conducted a disease surveillance operation in central Queensland, Australia. The operation was targeted at a colony of little red flying foxes roosting amongst mangroves in South Tress Inlet, south of Gladstone. Photo: C. Smith.

Watch videos from the operation including catching little red flying foxes and fly-out, when flying foxes leave there colony after sunset to begin their nightly foraging. Video: C. Smith.

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Satellite Telemetry

Satellite Telemetry

Download the latest satellite telemetry for HERG bats, (password required).



Volant viruses: a concern to bats, humans and other animals. Authors: A. Breed, H. Field & R. Plowright.

Also included is a listing of other published papers, in press and submitted papers and conference abstracts written by HERG authors. Photo: Microbiology Australia.

Virus and Host Information

Hendra and Nipah virus and their natural hosts, bats.

A recumbent pig in it's penA comprehensive literature review of Nipah and Hendra virus by Sarah Cobey, Consortium for Conservation Medicine. Also, a literature review and individual species information of the natural hosts of these diseases, bats. Photo: H. Field.

Project Overview

Project Overview.

Malaysian scientists wearing personal protective equipmentThe objectives of this project are to examine the factors that led to the recent emergence of Hendra virus and Nipah virus in Australia and southeast Asia. Photo: H. Field.

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