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Malaysia's Smoke Haze, 8th September 2005.

Annual land clearing on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, west of Peninsular Malaysia, results in both countries becoming blanketed in smoke for weeks at a time. This year, the fires on Sumatra were more numerous than usual. HERG team members have responded to the event and will study not only this years severe smoke haze using satellite imagery but utilize their experience in satellite telemetry to study any aberrant movements of the Malayan flying fox. Map: S. Veloz.

These remote sensing images were obtained from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MODIS). The images are a true colour display using reflectance data from August 10, 2005. The fire data was also obtained from MODIS utilizing the thermal band. Thermal anomalies are identified using data collected over an 8 day period (August 5 to August 12) and fires are classified as “low, moderate, or high confidence of a fire for each pixel in the image. Both sets of data were obtained from NASA’s Earth Observing System Data Gateway.

Author: S. Veloz & C. Smith.